Summer sandals pot-pourri

With most of April and early May drenched in rain, a little fashionista could have been forgiven for thinking that there was no point in getting her toe nails immaculately lacquered in the new season's shades, they weren't going to be seeing the light of day! Well girls, finally the sun is out, so book that emergency pedi ASAP because it's time for the summer sandals to come out!

This year we are spoilt for choice, from neon strappy sandals to monastic flats to gladiators, there is simply no excuse for those of us who still insist on sporting plastic flip-flops in the city (I told you before, those are only acceptable at the beach and to walk from the nail parlour to your car!)

Have you found yours yet? If not, here is a little selection, from tiny priced to big splurge, take your pick!

Clockwise from top left:
- Yellow leather thongs, Mimco: this season's best take on flashy, they are already in my closet!
- Cobalt blue cage sandals, Zara Kids: did you know that Zara Girl shoes go up to size 38?
- Strappy natural leather sandals, Oasis: monastic minimalistic, will look fab with a white dress...
- White with gold print gladiators, Ancient Greek Sandals: for the trendsetter jetsetter
- Green print lace-up gladiators, Jimmy Choo: who said flats aren't sexy?
- Neon pink strappy sandals, Forever 21: mini price, maxi effect!
- Animal print sandals, Dune: classic and sophisticated, the opposite of wearing flip flops in the city!

Wishing you all a wonderful week! xxx


Mona P said...

I saw a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti sandals (the name is Jubilee) in Selfridges and Harrods a month or so ago. They were available on the Selfridges website, but now it is not showing up (so I can't post the link, unfortunately).

But if you are in either Selfridges or Harrods, make sure you ask for the GZ Jubilee sandals. They are in a beige color with white crystal stones on a thin t-strap. Gorgeous!

The weird thing, these sandals were not ordered by GZ London stores.

The price is 360 pounds, so I am still contemplating ... :) To be or not to be :)

LittleS said...

Sounds gorgeous.... I'll check them out! xxx