Friday's My-Wardrobe lust-have

It's Friday, a day to browse my favourite online shops to see what's fabulous and in my size... Of course it's also the day I try to wrap things up at work early enough to be able to spend more than the regular 30 minutes with my little munchkin, but I always try to fit in a little lunchtime browsing, just in case I find something to lust over.

Of course now that the sales have started (has anyone else noticed how they've started at least a fortnight early in the UK? Or is it just an impression?) there are many more pieces that I loooooove, multiple Os and all.

As you know I've only recently got to know more about Goat dresses, and, having ordered my first one the other day, I'm finding myself liking the perfect cut and ideal fit so much I'm thinking this summery one, with it's scallop detailing, might be an ideal addition to my Summer wardrobe, don't you think?

And of course, it's on sale so almost a bargain with 30% off! Here is the link: Neve dress by Goat, at my-wardrobe.com.

Enjoy the week-end everyone!


Mona P said...

Gorgeous dress and beautiful color!

And you are not wrong about the timing of the sales this year! It started almost too early, although I am not complaining :)

Thought you might like this bracelet, so here is the link:


The pictures don't do the justice, it really is gorgeous! I got mine yesterday, and it is a perfect summer arm candy!

LittleS said...

Thanks Mona! That is a gorgeous bracelet... definitely one for my wishlist. Have a fab week-end! xxx

bodie said...

I own a boutique here in Australia, and sale time drives me mad! We smaller retailers don't want to go on sale too early in the season, but are virtually forced into it by the big department stores. Once they go on sale we have to join in, or we "miss the boat",even if, as right now, our cold weather has only just hit!

LittleS said...

@bodie I'm sorry to hear that. I gathered it was a big retailer driven trend and that it can't be completely helpful to smaller boutiques. Here we really haven't had proper summer weather yet so the stocks are still pretty high in the shops, can't be a good season...