Friday's My-Wardrobe lust-have

I think I finally gave up on this year's Summer... I mean, we're in the end of June and so far only a few days of sunshine? That's simply is too much. So, I've decided to turn my fashion lusting abilities to the new collections. After all my favourite season for style, life and everything in general remains Autumn, so here it is, my first lust-have of the new season!

You know my love of footwear, so it's fitting that my first pick is this gorgeous pair of booties, so cute and mod, yet so convenient with their tiny heel. As much as I adore sky-high heels sometimes a girl has to run for planes, push the Bugaboo, and that's when a smaller heel is just better.

Plus, Moschino Cheap & Chic is the brand for quirky designs with a capital Q, and I always love an interesting piece... and we all know how much I love talking pieces! I think these might just have to come join my AW wardrobe, just imagine they would look with a Goat dress?!

Check them out here: Booties, Moschino Cheap & Chic at my-wardrobe


bodie said...

Great shoes, and I love your "tiny heels". Its all relative isn't it, this heel height business?

LittleS said...

:) For me anything sub 4'' is small and easy to walk in, but I think that's because being 5'1 I had to adapt early and wear high heels all the time!