Gentlemen, time to go sales shopping!

Men don't like shopping... whilst this is a generalisation it applies to most men I know, and most men my friends know, so I'd say this is also a fair statement, based on a large enough observation sample.

However when they do shop I tend to find they are pretty reasonable and organised creatures, usually going for exactly what they need (whilst most women would browse and get distracted by a million things along the way to the skirt they got into the shop for), they stick to the script (by now some women have accumulated a pair of shoes or two, a couple of scarves... still no skirt) and finally come back within the hour with exactly what they had set out to buy. And, most importantly, they are big big fans of the sales... It's funny how many male friends I have who only ever shop at the sales. Reasonable creatures, I told you! (If you're wondering about the women in my story, well most of them are still in the shop trying out harem pants just to see if they look good, and maybe a few found the skirt and went back home!)

Well my dear gentlemen readers, here is a post just for you, some of the coolest jackets in this season's sales, perfect for any occasion!... And of course, they are all on sale!

1. One for the windy days: navy wool-mix peacoat, Reiss (also in black)
2. One for the office: wool jacket Acne at Matches
3. One for sunny afternoons: light blue linen jacket Ted Baker (also in taupe)
4. One to go flying, or maybe just getting the coffee: leather bomber Polo Ralph Lauren at MrPorter
5. One for Sunday brunch: wool linen jacket with eye and hook fastenings, John Varvatos at Matches
6. One for Wimbledon: teal jacket,  Topman

Hurry up though! Sales started early this year so these gorgeous babies are bound to sell out fast... Happy (and fast) shopping!

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