It's time for the Sunday fashion confession

There are a few items of clothing that I am obsessed with: the perfect heels, the perfect tote, and, like many fashionistas, the perfect white shirt. I have quite a collection already, from the plain Theory fitted button-down to the Alexander McQueen puffy-sleeved shirt (which my analysts once called the Biceps shirt!)... 

A white shirt goes with pretty much anything: faded boyfriend jeans for a week-end look, or a pencil skirt ready for a business meeting... I need a white shirt for skinny days, to tuck into cigarette trousers with kitten heels, and one for chubby days, one which skims over my post-baby tummy which can sometimes look pretty prominent to me! 

So I was pretty excited when I found this Tuxedo tunic yesterday whilst browsing between my hair appointment and my manicure. 

I love that it's long enough to be the perfect cover-up on a beach this summer, but also formal enough to look pretty fabulous over 7/8 ciggie trousers for a day in the office. The amazing thing about this? Like all white shirts, this is the perfect year-round piece. Of course I could do with just one white shirt in my closet instead of a collection, but by now you all know I don't really do the whole "capsule wardrobe" thing, can't see the fun in it really... To buy the same shirt, click here: Hobbs Tuxedo Tunic.

Enjoy the Jubilee celebrations everyone!

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