It's time for the Sunday fashion confession

Before I start on this week's confession, please let me apologise for being slightly MIA this week... First I had some very sad news to attend to earlier in the week and then travelled to Paris to be at my sister's graduation from Polytechnique (I'm so proud of her, proves that there is genius in the family!)

Anyways one of the upsides of this rollercoaster week has been a visit to my birth-town and of course, when in Paris, I simply have to do my rounds, Repetto, Tara Jarmon, Petit Bateau... Usually I plan my shopping expedition by checking out the websites of my favourite haunts ahead of my trips, to make sure I go straight to the pieces I prefer without wasting any time.

And, look what made my Tara Jarmon shopping list... a gorgeous little tulip skirt made of summer tweed in nude and blush colours, perfect for work or play, which I'll be sure to match with some of my other summer finds, just watch this space!

The great news is that after so many years of waiting and being disappointed in the collection selection made by the few department stores that stock the brand in London, there is going to be a boutique opening real soon, for all of us who love the preppy-parisian chic that shouts Mademoiselle.... Cannot wait!

Click here to see this skirt on the Tara Jarmon e-shop.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra,

A while ago you purchased a dress from Reiss. I like this dress very much en have been thinking about ardering one. I live in Belgium and this brand is not available so i can not try it on or look at it in person. So I wanted to ask you what you think about the dress, the quality, the fit, etc. Don't know if you have have been able to wear it since the weather is awefull.

Thank you.



LittleS said...

Yes, I've had little opportunity to wear it out with this awful weather but I find that it is lovely when tried on. The fabric is not sheer at all, the cut is perfect to highlight the waist (I'd recommend going up a size if you're waist is not tiny tiny, I had to!) I'm short so it's the perfect knee-length. Really like it. xxx

Mona P said...


Just read previous post of a lady from Belgium ... and I have a similar question :) Now that is a coincidence :)

It is about the Comptoir Cotonniers short trench coat that I've seen you wear in one of your posts. I was thinking of ordering one in black color (doesn't hurt that they also have a private sale going on at the moment; the code is SUMMERPS, and it is valid until 12:00 pm tonight).

Would you say this particular trench coat is pretty generous in size or the opposite? I am not sure whether to go for 8 or 10. I am 10, but some CC outerwear pieces come up pretty generous in size. So I am quite unsure of what to do.

I called one of the stores, and was told by SA that some customers had to size up because it is a narrow fit in the shoulders. Is that true at all?

My daughter hasn't been feeling very well, so I can't get to the actual store at the moment. Hence the desperate call for help :)


LittleS said...

Hi Mona, I'm so sorry your daughter is unwell, hopefully nothing too serious? I hope she gets better really quick.
I didn't have to go up a size however the shoulder / arm opening is a bit tight making it impossible to wear this with anything but really thin tees or fine knits underneath. I hope it helps! xxx

Mona P said...

Thanks for a prompt reply, much appreciated!

My daughter has a bit of fever + sore throat, hopefully just a common cold. Thanks for asking!

I have broad shoulders, and considering what you mentioned about the tight arm/shoulder opening, I think I better stick to my usual size 10.

Btw, congrats on your sister's graduation, you must be one very proud sister!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for the feedback. I've got a size 36 or 38 so I think a size 10 will be the safest option.

Like the sandals from Paris.