It's time for the Sunday fashion confession

That's it... sales are full swing, online and in the streets, there are real bargains pretty much everywhere, from the high street shops to the designers brands. But let's be honest, with the weather as it's been, it feels a bit odd to be buying bikinis or flimsy dresses... Lately I've felt like buying year-round pieces, clothes that I'll be able to wear month after month, not some that will have to stay hidden in my walk-in closet due to damp weather.

I'd had my eye on this skirt for a while, and was pretty quick to snatch it when it finally came on sale: I've heard in the past, at my expense, that Burberry pieces tend to be very well-stocked and always get in the sale, so I held out until it got 40% off on Net-A-Porter.. It will be perfect for this cold summer but also come fall, with a military coat and some boots... And that, is my confession of the week! Now tell me, what's yours?

You can still find it in most sizes, just click here.


Mona P said...

Beautiful skirt!

It was on my NAP wishlist, but got sold out in my size before I got to it :)

My confession this week ... 2 gorgeous Gerard Darel blouses. Here are the links:


and this one:


LittleS said...

Both fab choices!!