A private party at The Anthologist

If you've been wondering why I don't often post about wonderful new dinner spots or cocktail bars, here is an explanation...

When it comes to evenings, these days I prefer spending them at home with my little family, my partying days are behind me, it's a conscious choice as it's too important for me to be home for Monsieur Baby's bedtime to be wasting my evenings away at cocktail parties... There are plenty of ways to do the mamma thing, and mine is this one: my family comes first, then my career, and the parties, well, they get fitted when possible but it's clearly not my priority.

However, from time to time, I do make an exception, and this time I really had no choice as it fell on me to organise a drinks outing for my team. As you can imagine, I wanted to avoid the usual pub private room reeking of stale beer, so instead I thought I'd book The Studio at The Anthologist, a cool bar and restaurant that's opened a few years ago to finally bring hype to the City!

This place has everything going for it: great food in the restaurant, a smooth cocktail list, and the design is more Soho than City, definitely a refreshing exception in this neighbourhood. I love coming here for lunch so I thought  it would be a good idea to reserve a private area for a little time out with my colleagues. The basement Studio looks like a kitchen lounge from the late sixties and with adjustable lighting it can be as intimate as you want: I asked for a middle to bright setting, don't want anyone getting the wrong idea!

We had a great time, the drinks and cocktails were perfect and the snacks are lovely, although the service was absent and rather unhelpful, the price of The Anthologist's success, surely...

The Anthologist
58 Gresham Street
London EC2
0 845 468 0101


Jordan said...

I have those dishes! I feel like I've seen the Blue Willow dishes in another post of yours, is it popular in England?

LittleS said...

@Jordan, they are quite popular for the retro vibe design,.... that's why you see them loads in Europe. xx