Week-end in Paris (3): Sunday morning walk at the Jardin du Luxembourg

When in Paris, I tend to split my time between my favourite shops (gee, there's a surprise...), museums, and of course, gardens! Although Paris doesn't have as many parks as London by far, there are a few manicured gardens filled with gorgeous fountains and statues that make great walking ground for our little family!

Last Sunday, we walked over to the Jardin du Luxembourg, between the Quartier Latin and Saint-Germain, for a little stroll before lunch. Although not as big or as wild as a Hyde Park, this is such a cute little garden, perfect for families, students, joggers... For me this place brings back a lot of memories, from coming to study here before my Arabic classes at Louis-Le-Grand to walks with Hubby Dearest at the very beginning of our relationship.

Make sure you visit when you're next in Paris!

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