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Lately things have been pretty hectic in my life... work has been manic, Monsieur Baby is growing too fast and I'm running along to catch up, travelling to see clients, and Hubby Dearest and I are scrambling to find time for a date night soon.

It's no wonder I've forgotten all about my mani-pedi routine these days and suddenly yesterday, as I was packing my desk for the big office move, I looked down and found the most gnarly-looking fingers (if we can call them that!) ever. No polish, cuticles everywhere, time for an emergency call to the salon! But there was a hitch: with a week-end looming full of family and work, I wasn't going to find any minute to pop in to get my nails fixed.

The issue is, when you call mobile beauty spas, most seem to be really booked up for same day appointments, which sort of defeats the purpose if you ask me... Some only could offer me 11:00am appointments, nice but that's usually the time when I'm on conference calls, not really free for an emergency mani! But thankfully that's not the case of Return to Glory, who were able to not only find me an appointment for the same day, but also an evening one!

They sent me the lovely Pam, who organised herself in my living room, so that I was able to catch up on my latest series episodes whilst my feet were being soaked, buffed and polished... no need for chit-chat, just plain happy pampering after Monsieur Baby's bedtime, all in the comfort of my own lounge. And I didn't have to navigate my car or flipflops whilst the polish dried! Ideal!

My nails are now looking perfectly groomed, and I'm feeling all the better for it, all for the same cost as a normal mani pedi combo at a day spa, I'll be using them again that's for sure...

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