Dressing for your shape (5): Apple

Although many have written to say how much they appreciate this series, I haven't written a "Dress for your shape" post in a while, so I will try and resume this summer, when hopefully things are a little slower and I get more time to write.

This week's shape: Mrs Apple...

An apple-shape means a va-va-voom bust (nobody's ever complained of that, as far as I know!), but also a little tummy, sometimes a nice parting gift from a recently arrived baby, or just the way the genes want these ladies to look. The heavier top is usually balanced with some seriously gorgeous looking pins, which should definitely be show-cased! A few of my mamma friends have this shape, and frankly I am very envious of their legs, they allow for some seriously cool cigarette trousers action and skirts galore, and did I mention the slim hips?! But it is true that this can be a tricky shape to dress, with the main secret being sculpting the mid-rif section (corsets are an option, but thankfully not the only one...) and focusing on this juicy lady's best bits, from gorgeous cleavage to sculpted calves.

What works?
- Spanx, Spanx and more Spanx, it will literally change your shape and your life!
- Wrap dresses, especially when tied at the side to draw the eye away from your tummy
- V-necks and scoop necks will enhance the cleavage
- Flared skirts are best, as they will make the waist look smaller in contrast

What doesn't?
- Baggy trousers, they will only transform you from a gorgeous apple to a hideous ball
- Billowing tops like boho blouses will only make you look pregnant... stay away!
- Turtlenecks and waterfall jackets are not ideal either
- Dark colours are never totally wrong, but try not to drown in black...

JeansCurrent Elliott's Stiletto at Donna Ida
These gorgeous skinnies with the star print are a fun way to embrace the AW2012 trend whilst making the best of the apple shape, with the slim leg and mid-rise waist which is better than a low-rise (avoids the muffin top look!)... with the apple's slim legs, this print is an easy one to pull!

Jacket: Vivienne Westwood
A structured jacket with a cinched waist is always best, and this one with its accentuated collar will look fab with dresses or jeans. Just add a gorgeous necklace for added ooomph!

T-shirt: Uniqlo
Go for v-necks, scoop necks and any other neckline that opens the top, avoid boatnecks and turtlenecks... Uniqlo's website is full of options, you can't go wrong there... and don't be afraid of colours or prints.

Jumper: Reiss
This is the perfect jumper for apples, devoid of any chunky details or frills and with a deep V in the front, accentuated by the stripes which add a slimming effect... love the monochrome colour as well!

Lace skirt: Mint Velvet
Who said lace skirts were for skinny minnies only? Not so! This one with its flat front and a-line flaring will be fab for apple shapes.

Sandals: Sandy by L.K. Bennett
Fab heels not only draw attention to your legs, they make you stand tall and suck your tummy in, fact... And these ones are so cool, they will surely take you from wet Summer to windy Autumn in a fashionista waltz!

Dress: Diane Von Furstenberg
DVF still is the queen of the wrap dresses and nothing beats the gorgeous prints or the amazing silk stretch fabric for flattering any shape, they virtually skim over the wobbly bits and create gorgeous curves everywhere... make sure to wear over some Spanx for extra hold.

Not an apple? Not a problem! Just check out my other "Dressing for your shape" posts: HourglassInverted TrianglePearPetite. And watch this space for more posts on the series!

(Shape illustration borrowed from the Channel 4 website)

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