Everything must go: my fashionista closet sale (1)

A few weeks ago I came to the painful realisation that my closet, in all its walk-in grandeur, could simply no longer accommodate any new purchase! You see I've been a bit splurge-y lately and I didn't respect my one in one out rule so things started looking slightly cramped. And you know what? I don't like a cramped closet: I can't find anything, choosing an outfit becomes a chore rather than something fun, and it's horrible for the clothes which get all wrinkled.

So, what's a girl to do? Well I decided there is no reason to just accumulate or donate pieces which still have so much life in them, instead I'm having a closet sale, my version of the garage sale, for fashionistas!

I've started compiling a list of things that need to find a new home presto... Here is a little preview of the shoe selection. Hopefully these will all find great new owners to take them for more rounds on the town, for I need space for new goodies!

Next, get the sale ready: I bought some labels, both sticky for the shoes and on strings for the clothes, and a purple pen and a little calculator to help on the maths. Tomorrow I'm sorting the evening dresses, and by Sunday I should have all sorted and organised for my visiting friends! So exciting!

Want to learn more? Just email me on the message box at the top of the page, I'll send you some information... xoxo


Mona P said...

I can totally relate! My closet is not that big, but because of the limited storage space it looks crammed.

All the shoes are gorgeous! What size are those Chanel ballet flats? Love them!

Speaking of shoes, I've gone bananas and bought Isabel Marant Beckett sneakers in electric blue color this past weekend. I can't believe I did this because it is just too much for a pair of sneakers! But I just couldn't resist the color!

Here is the link:


Now I am on a shopping ban for a month or so ... unless you tell me that those gorgeous Chanel flats are my size :)

LittleS said...

Ahha... love those sneakers!The Chanel flats are 36, they fit a 36.5 which is my actual size... But cross over, we can have tea and chat properly on sunday whilst you see if something is for you :)

Lonely Greenshoe said...

M. forwarded me your email a couple of days ago, it's a great idea S.!
It's a shame I have a 40,otherwise I would have already bought those Chanel....


LittleS said...

40... yes they would be a bit small pero there is more to come, accessories, bags, etc etc. Baci!

Mona P said...

Thank you! Wish I could come, but I have to take my daughter to a birthday party. Husband is away on a business trip, otherwise would ask him to do the honors :)

I am sure we'll bump into each other sometime soon, one way or the other :)

I am size 39-39 1/2 :( Such a pity, because those flats are absolutely gorgeous! Someone with the right size will get very lucky :)

If it is not too much trouble, can you post close up pics of those Hermes scarves? And is that a woven Bottega Veneta bracelet?

Btw, I am on instagram now, if you want to check out some snaps from my daily life:


Have a wonderful weekend!

LittleS said...

Hi Mona, yes that is a BV woven bracelet, in a latte-taupe colour. If you email me your address at LittleS-blog at Hotmail.co.uk I'll send you some close-ups of the scarves.

Mona P said...

Done, just sent you an e-mail!