Everything must go: my fashionista closet sale (2)

Today has been a really long day at work, but as soon as I got home it was time to sort out through yet another category for my closet sale next Sunday, if this is going to be a successful event I better work at it and make sure things are organised. So next on my list, small accessories, scarves and watches.

Although I've edited my collection quite drastically last Autumn, I still have too many goodies that need to go, like this little elephant bag charm from See by Chloe or my Zadig & Voltaire skull watch. So everything is in the sale... Including my beloved Tom Ford sunnies, which are not so me anymore...

I'm busy putting little labels on everything so that it's all easy and transparent on the day... and tomorrow? We're sorting through clothes, I feel exhausted already!

The good news? Tomorrow's Friday, happy end of the work week everyone!

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