Everything must go: my fashionista closet sale (3)

We're getting closer... in fact one of my friends already popped by for a preview seeing as she had to fly to Barcelona for the week-end, so we're two pairs of shoes short, but seeing that there are about 50 pairs to go we have some margin. Talking about shoes, this evening I sorted through my Summer sandals, here is a picture of the ones to go. What do you think? Did I pick well?

I also did some clutches and belts tonight, just leaving clothes for tomorrow... I might even do some of my Winter wardrobe if I have the energy! I'm thinking there are some real bargains to be had here, especially these little evening bags, like the YSL in the middle.

The belts I've priced all at rock-bottom prices, as my belt drawer is the most crowded and disorganised place in my walk-in closet, so it must be purged!

Ok ladies in tomorrow's preview, clothes, and then it's live for the big day!! So exciting! xoxo

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