Everything must go: my fashionista closet sale (4)

The clearance has now reached all corners of my wardrobe, it's official ladies I'm letting go... Enough hoarding, let's focus on the pieces that I really wear. Today I'm sorting through clothes, and I have to admit that I winced at the number of dresses, jackets, tops etc. that I own. Where did I imagine that I would have the time to wear all of this.

A lot of work clothes are leaving my closet for my kitchen (aka the Lilac Pages pop-up shop, open for one week-end only!), hopefully never to come back. There's some Armani, some Nicole Farhi, a couple of Burberry and Joseph pieces, and an amazing evening dress by Moschino which I wore once at a wedding. There is even a Libelula evening velvet coat, in gorgeous navy. Alas never worn. Time to go!

It's time for all these goodies to belong to more considerate owners, some that will actually wear them instead of admiring them in the closet only to go for another piece every morning. 

This morning one of the scarves left to one of you lovely readers, and will be on the way to its new home on the post Monday... Let's hope tomorrow is as successful! By the way, if you're wondering what I'll be wearing after Sunday, worry not, I still have a very packed closet! In fact it's filled with pieces which also beg to be worn...


Anonymous said...

What a great selection - love your style. Sadly I won't be able to pop in as I'm in Australia. Looks like a lot of fun, hope it goes well! All the best JaneS xx

LittleS said...

Thanks Jane! If there is anything you like I have been doing quite a few remote sales since the beginning of the preview... xoxo