Everything must go: my fashionista closet sale (5)

After days of preparation I'm finally ready to open my little pop-up shop. The hardest part for me was selecting the bags, as each has a special story for me, like this Garden Party from Herm├Ęs which I bought on a business trip in Sydney. But I have to be absolutely ruthless if I am to make space: only the items I really use are staying...

So, after a few days of work, my mini pop-up shop is ready to open... The tags are on each of the items, with brand, size and price, for full transparency (I am totally put off when I go into a private sale or a boutique where prices are nowhere to be found, it always feels to me as if the sales person makes a different number up for each client). I've made sure to sort the clothes by colour and type, so that it's easy to see everything available, and same with the shoes.

All we need now are visitors! So far I've had quite a few successful remote sales, but I can't wait for people to actually come in and start chatting. In fact, I'm expecting a couple of readers from this page, it will be the first time I meet them so I'm quite excited!

I think this is a great way to recycle my closet, and maybe next time I'll mix it up a bit, invite a few friends for a combined trade and swap party. That way I can also indulge my shopaholic side!

Enjoy your Sunday everyone... xxx


Joanna said...

Will you be posting a link to your shop? You have some very lovely items for sale:)


LittleS said...

Dear Joanna, if you're interested in anything please email me: littleS- blog at hotmail.co.uk