Family brunch at The Riding House Café

One of the things I love in London is that there is a multitude of children-friendly restaurants and cafés, not just the typical familial kind like Pain Quotidien and Carluccio's, but also the cooler kind, the shabby chic places where I loved going even before Monsieur Baby arrived: they have high chairs, children's menus, changing rooms, which is pretty good business sense in my mind, for eventually most couples grow up to become families and you have to be able to capture that market, otherwise you lose loyal customers for a few years until the babies are old enough to behave like little adults... In contrast, in Paris, where I was a month ago for my little sister's graduation, whenever I asked for a high chair in a restaurant, people looked at me like I'd just asked a chipmunk roast for lunch.

This morning, we decided to try a new place for us, The Riding House Café, a shabby chic brasserie in Fitzrovia (that's the area north of Soho, between Marylebone and Bloomsbury, for those not from London). Seeing as this is quite a popular place I had called in to make sure we had a table booked in time for Monsieur Baby's lunchtime, 11am. See with a little one on a strict daily routine, it's crucial to plan ahead, but the nice thing about his lunchtime is that it is the perfect time for brunch, in my opinion. 

We arrived to find a bustling café filled with customers having breakfast, brunch and early lunch, and a busy kitchen in the background. Monsieur Baby got his high chair and we promptly ordered a lunch of sausages and mash for him, which arrived at the same time as our drinks, perfect to avoid a hungry tantrum from our little tiger. 

We selected Eggs Benedict and a Full English from the brunch menu, washed down with the most delicious Virgin Mary cocktails I've had in a long time, perfectly spicy and refreshing. The service was prompt and really friendly, and the staff was really adorable with Monsieur Baby, not something we see everywhere. 

One of the waiters even joked at Monsieur Baby's obvious love of the baby apps on the Ipad! We were given a few finger puppets to entertain him whilst we were enjoying our dishes, a good thing since our eggs were absolutely delicious and perfectly cooked, and overall we had a fabulous time. 

What impressed me the most about the The Riding House Café is the fact that, despite the superb decor where every detail has been so well thought of (there is even a shabby iron cover over the super modern Dyson hand dryers in the bathroom) and the delicious food, this place does family-friendly to perfection, from the adorable service to the family bathroom with a child-sized toilet, no less!

Definitely one for the Lilac Pages address book (note to self, must update that soon!)...

The Riding House Café
43-51 Great Titchfield Street
London W1
0 207 927 0840


Mona P said...

We've been there around two months ago and loved it too!

Great post!

LittleS said...

Thanks Mona! Any other places you recommend we check out? xx