Favourite hotels: Principe di Savoia Milan

I think it's fair to say I have a sweet spot for imposing history-filled grand hotels, especially when it comes to business travelling in Europe. For private week-ends away, I often pick more boutique choices or utterly modern  minimalist towers, but when on business I prefer the classics...

On Thursday night, I flew from Madrid to Milan, which is not a very usual stop-over city for me, as I don't cover Italy (my wallet says that's a blessing), but once in a while I come to the gorgeous boot-shaped country on punctual business, and I love it. In fact, if I could choose any country to live in in Europe, it would be Italy. People are elegant and stylish and yet warm and welcoming at the same time, the food is out of this world, and frankly the shopping is better than anywhere else in the world!

Whenever I come to Milan, I stay at the Principe di Savoia, part of the Dorchester collection, a place where you'll be guaranteed to find impeccable service and the best mattresses ever (if like me you like firm mattresses, that is...), and the breakfast is both delicious and a wonderful spot for people watching.

The only thing a bit odd is the number of steps that seem to be found all over the hotel floors... I remember, the first time I came here, I was upgraded to a suite so grand I believe it had a tower of its own, in fact it took a few staircases to get to! Thankfully my room this time was significantly smaller, but much easier to get to. Frankly, when I'm travelling on my own for just one night, I value comfort and convenience over anything else:  here, a superb bathroom and uber-comfy bed were my keys to happiness!

Hotel Principe di Savoia
Piazza Della Repubblica, 17
20124 Milano, Italy
+39 02 62 302

Happy Saturday evening everyone!


bodie said...

I prefer these older style hotels; much more character!
I'm off to Melbourne soon to attend a Fashion trade show, and will be staying at the Hotel Windsor- not as "flash" as some of the steel/glass skyscrapers but lots of traditional touches.
Really enjoying your blog-particularly your photos of 'outfit of the day"-lovely combinations, ( congrats to your photographer too- he/she does a good job).

LittleS said...

Thanks bodie! Have a safe trip to Melbourne! My photographer says thanks, she's having a lousy few days at work so was chuffed with your comment this am! xx