Friday's My-Wardrobe lust-have

The perfect Winter booties... now there's an elusive concept... For me, a heel is a must, a little platform is nice, although a hidden platform is better. I like suede more than leather, however patent is also nice. Then, it's all about an interesting design, some cool details to be a bit different and not look like everyone else's booties.

Thankfully, after years of semi-misery of just the same old heeled zipped ankle boots everywhere it's as if shoe designers gathered in some shoe inspiration grotto somewhere and decided this AW2012 would be the season of the fabulous booties... Everywhere I look, it's gorgeous bows and edmbellished zips, fabulous jewel colours and incredible details.

Of course with so much choice, it was near impossible selecting just one, so after a few days of agonising (as you can imagine!) thought, first falling in love with a pair of Louboutins before balking at the price (Christian, we are in times of deflation, so increasing the price of boots by almost 20% from one year to the next is not good!), I finally found my ideal booties: I give you, the Elsa ankle boot by Sam Edelman, a bargain considering the gorgeous detailing and design...

At a fraction of the Loubies' cost, you get a fabulous stiletto heel, a small platform hidden in the shoe to make pushing the buggy super easy, and one of the coolest heel detail I've seen in a while, with the metallic caps and the little studs with lacing work. The only distracting detail for me is the natural leather sole, which I might have to ask my cobbler to paint in black if I end up ordering them (whom am I kidding, when I end up ordering them...)

Here's where to get a hold of them: Sam Edelman Elsa Ankle Boots

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