It's time for the Sunday fashion confession

I don't know about other Londoners, but I am so ready for Fall... Between the wet and cold weather, the road works, and the mega traffic jam caused by the combination of the Royal Jubilee and the Olympics (VIP lanes?!? Aren't London's workers VIPs?), I am so over this so-called Summer. It's a good thing we're departing to Italy in just a few more days, or I'd honestly be going crazy. Anyways, enough of a rant. You know what makes me happy? Shopping the new season of course!

I've been looking for the perfect leather skirt forever. I wanted leather, not suede, but matt leather, not some shiny clingy design that wouldn't look good on my shape. I was looking for an A-line shape, rather than pencil (that's just a tad too bondage meets secretary for my taste) and definitely not a mini length (we all know what that is reminiscent of)...

Thankfully it appears the people of Harrods have been peering into my mind to figure out what to create for their AW2012 collection, which is absolutely brilliant from start to finish. I fell instantly in love with this skirt and had to get one for the upcoming season. Now that is cheering me up!

Find out more here: Leather skirt, Harrods. How about you, have you found anything in the new collections yet?


Mona P said...

I always love your picks, and this one is fantastic!

Love love this skirt! I've been looking for a leather skirt as well!

Btw, how is the sizing with this one? Go up/down in size or true to size?

Thank you for posting this!

LittleS said...

Thanks dear, this one is just perfect: matt leather, flared shape, and really light to wear... not heavy at all! Sizing is true to size. xoxo