Lunch in the City: back at The Anthologist

Shortly I'll be moving to a new work location in London, and to say goodbye to the Royal Exchange area and celebrate one of my colleague's well-deserved promotion, we went back to The Anthologist for a girlie lunch...

I am such a fan of the design and atmosphere of this place, especially during the day, when it's all about busy people at enjoying a little break in their day, a lunch meeting, or a little celebration, like we did.

The restaurant has a number of spaces which are well defined, with communal tables and a chef's table, and some more intimate spaces further from the kitchen. I'd call the decor shabby chic, with a clear nod to cool vintage. Love the little velvet chairs!

The food is a mix of gastropub and brasserie menu, and arrives promptly on a mix of rustic boards and cool crokery. I had a baked salmon salad and my friend opted for the sirloin steak... both delicious, although the bread board alone could have fed all of us! Oh, and unlike the other day when I booked a party here, service was absolutely flawless...

I'm sure I'll return after we leave this area, if only to have lunch at The Anthologist!!

The Anthologist
58 Gresham Street
London EC2
0 845 468 0101


Anna (South Molton St Style) said...

I'm a massive fan of this place too - and it's one of few nice places in that area where you can rent an area for free. The food is so yummy too!

Great blog btw xx

South Molton St Style

LittleS said...

Thanks Anna! I agree, the Antho is one of my favourites, I love coming here for lunch, it's just got such a different vibe from everywhere else around!