Milli Millu, a dream come true for multitasking fashionistas

On Friday, I visited Milli Millu's new studio and store in London's Belgravia. If you haven't heard of it yet, this is the home of super stylish handbags made especially with busy women in mind. If you ever thought that finding a cool handbag that fits all your goodies plus your laptop and kept it all organised was impossible unless you went the geeky way, well this is the solution for you! For this brand caters especially to the laptop hoarders, paper  gatherers, and all of those who, quite simply, enjoy juggling many lives at once (I know quite a few of these!) Say goodbye to the horrid nylon laptop bag right now ladies...

I met with founder and creator Mireia, a gorgeous mom-of-two with the warmest smile ever and a business sense to make quite a few CEOs blush, who told me the story of Milli Millu... An ex-consultant and Harvard BS MBA graduate, she came up with the concept of these handbags directly based on her own experience: why is it that women had to choose between style and practicality when it comes to everyday handbags?

Of course you can use a Birkin or a Luggage to hoard everything (I do), but they are so heavy empty that by the time you fill them with your essentials it becomes quite cumbersome to tote them around all day. And when you've added a laptop, a couple of research pieces, a wallet, some sunnies, it can all become a bit black-holesque in there: I  often screech in frustration when looking for a pen to take someone's contact on the go (I know the pen is in there, I just wish I knew where exactly!)

But for hard-core fashionistas like me, a nylon monstrosity is never an option, as we like buttersoft leathers, expensive-looking hardware, and feminine details. Guess what? That's exactly what you'll find at Milli Millu, and then some.

All bags are made in Spain with the highest quality materials (some of which are common to other better-known brands): I've touched most bags in the studio and I was totally hooked on the softness of the leathers. And the pony-skin on some of the flaps? Well quite frankly I've only once touched one this soft, and that's in my Fendi baguette... this lady plays in the big league!

The hardware is all brass, including little metal feet at the bottom of the bags to go on the floor without fearing to damage the leather.

Most importantly, all bags can be either arm-held or slung on the shoulder, something that comes quite handy when you have to juggle keys, a wrestling baby, his bottle, and your phone...

Talking about phone, all Milli Millu handbags come with an especially designed interior with organised pockets for a smartphone, pens, a laptop, the presentation, and of course all the girlie unmentionables that we all seem to need (for me it's Advils and my Touche Eclat, but it could also fit a crochet kit or a folded skipping rope, to each their own!). Anyone who's had a tumbling handbag accident in front of an audience to see their personal things displayed for everyone to see will appreciate that that last pocket is, appropriately, zipped.

Each design is modern yet timeless, and the quality is absolutely undeniable. Mireia has an eye for classic perfection. The shapes are strong and eye-catching, however they are not imposing or crazily extravagant-looking.

The colours are both interesting enough to steer away from boring but they are not the bright and crazy shades that will bore you within weeks of shedding a few hundred pounds for them: the dove grey of the Londoner pictured here is just the perfect shade to complement a black outfit, but also a purple dress or a beige skirt, and it will, obviously, look fab with jeans.

I'm also loving the cool gold of some of the clutches, one of them even named after my home town of Casablanca!

But really what I love about Mireia's creations is that they all feel incredibly light, which is of course helped by the fact that the leather is soft and supple but also the cotton lining. See a leather lining, as luxurious as it is, is the best way to double the weight of your bag, and I know fashionistas who have been put off by the fragile aspect of leather lining.

The details are quite incredible, from the red trim on the Tokyo to the double compartment of the Londoner, and the two straps of the Amsterdam make it the perfect yummy mummy bag on the go! Probably my favourite of all together with the Moscow, a gorgeous hobo with a pony flap, a brass clasp, and the most fabulous braided leather strap, I'm quite smitten...

Milli Millu ship globally, with free shipping within the EU, or you can visit the shop in Belgravia to see the bags in the flesh before making your choice. I hear the bags are already massive in Scandinavia, Germany and Switzerland, it's only a matter of weeks until every multi-tasking fashionista puts one of these babies on her lust-have list! Happy week-end everyone!

Milli Millu
First Floor, 14 Grosvenor Crescent
London SW1

PS: Like the sound of these handbags? Well watch this space because there is more good news to come...


Anonymous said...

I have never heard of this brand before but these bags seem to be great! Thanks for the recommendation! Cheers, Linda

bodie said...

Beautiful! What a great idea- full marks to the creator!

LittleS said...

@Linda, you're welcome, I feel so pleased when I help people find out about something great like Milli Millu!
@bodie, the bags are fab in real life, and they do ship to Oz!