No time for the gym, take a NYC Ballet class!

I loathe traditional gyms... If I ever imagine myself running on a threadmill I feel like a hamster in a wheel, and frankly when you think of an animal you'd like to be, do you every think hamster? No, most people would say a leopard, a soaring bird, a dolphin... but a hamster? That's one I've never heard.

So, you can understand why I put such an effort into finding ways to work-out without actually setting foot in one of those ever-depressing machine-filled emporiums, no matter how fun people try to make them sound. The only time I made an exception was during my pregnancy, when I joined the Chelsea Club mostly to walk up-hill on the threadmills and swim in the low-chlorine pool...

Since Monsieur Baby's arrival, it's back to more fun workouts, such as Xtend Barre at Heartcore, Pilates at home... and guess what, my favourite workout DVD! Ok before you think I am talking 1970s Jane Fonda aerobics everyone can relax. My favourite workout DVD is none other than the New York City Ballet Workout, 1 and 2!

You see I go to my Heartcore classes at least once a week but I travel a lot and I find it nearly impossible to commit to early evening classes when my work schedule is busy, so instead I pop this DVD on (it does help that most hotels have a DVD player these days) and follow the routine. This is easy to follow, even if you've never done ballet before.

It's all about core strength, legwork repetitions, and gorgeous port de bras! If I want a little boost I do these with some tiny .5kg weights to make it just a tiny bit challenging. I don't want to end up with bulky arms, just want to rid myself of the extra chub, don't we all?

I have the double DVD, and my favourite is the second one, it has a comprehensive "barre au sol" section which is my section of choice if I only have 20 minutes. And honestly you don't need too much space to do this workout and there is virtually no jumping around, making it the perfect take-along workout DVD for fashionistas on the move!

You can order it easily from Amazon, by clicking right here.

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