Triple Oxygen Treatment at Bliss Spa

I consider myself quite proficient when it comes to skincare and am not one to go for weekly facials at the spa, but once in a while, it's still important to bring in the professionals! I think about my skin as I do about my car: I take reasonably good care of it to avoid regular check-ups but then every few months it's important to go for a little service...

Now, when I say going for a facial I mean actually getting a real work-out for my skin, not some wimpy application of two nivea-like creams whilst listening to a crying whale relaxation CD all for the lovely sum of 100£ thank you for coming.. no, that kind of facial is not for me. In light of this, and based on a lengthy experience in this city, the only two places I ever go to in London to get my skin fix are Space NK and Bliss

This time round, as I needed some heavy brightening and de-congesting work, I booked in for Bliss' Triple Oxygen Treatment with a side of Micro-dermabrasion...  Before I start, let me tell you, the online booking system is fabulous, no waiting on the phone for some rather unhelpful attendant to book you in for the time you want (always a problem with London spas, in my experience), instead all is done online, from selecting the treatment and add-ons to booking a time slot and confirming with my credit card. Extremely efficient, which is to be expected from what is one of the most modern spa companies across both sides of the pond.

As soon as I arrive, I am directed downstairs to the changing room, an ├╝ber modern space where digicode lockers, where I collect one of the softest bathrobes ever and don one of the one-size-fits-all (except me...) pairs of Havaianas: when will spas learn to offer flipflops which are smaller than size 7, I wonder? That little mishap aside, this changing room puts most spas to shame: there is a sauna and two shower rooms, and the vanity is enormous and filled with everything a girl needs to become presentable after an afternoon at the spa, maybe for a little tour of Brompton Cross' boutiques? 

Time to move to the waiting room, a place where everything is build to encourage relaxation and pampering... it's soft and comfortable and filled with water, teas, as well as some yummy treats, and of course the obligatory girlie magazines (how come I missed Vogue's July issue until today?!) I want to stay here forever.

I'm soon picked up by my skin therapist to enter my treatment room, a softly lit area where a multitude of seriously techy looking apparati surround one of the warmest and softest spa beds you can imagine. I'm here to relax, whilst my skin gets a little exercise! 

So, how did my treatment actually go? Wonderful... it was all I needed it to be. I went in with slightly dull and congested skin and came out with a steep-clean glowing complexion. Of course this meant we went through quite some steps: a thorough cleanse (combined with a shoulder massage), a full face micro-dermabrasion (that's an add-on to the normal treatment but I recommend you do it, it really complements the facial!), before a fruit acid wash was applied to my skin... and that's just the beginning! 

My face was then wrapped and covered with a hot wet towel (to open the pores, dear) whilst the therapist got to work on my arms with the loveliest massage ever. That was the nice part... now to work.

The next step is never pleasant yet it is a key stage in any facial: I bring you... extractions! At Bliss, we're not talking a couple of squeezes over your skin with some tissue, no, here they have a special tool for extractions, and my therapist made sure she lit my skin with the harshest possible light to give any blackhead between my neck and my hairline its marching orders. That, I believe, is called dedication. 

Thankfully we then moved on to the oxygenating and calming processes, with a milk calming mask followed by the Oxygen mask and then on to the rubberising bilberry and Vitamin C mask, which firmed up on my face (quite a strange process, a bit like getting a cast, only softer) whilst my feet and calves got a well deserved massage (yesterday'x X-tend Barre workout was pretty intense!)

The final process is a blast of oxygen and vitamin spray, the most refreshing and calming end to a facial you can imagine. This is so soothing it feels as if your skin is being sprayed with a liquid, whilst really it's mostly air.  A couple of serum applications later, I'm walking hazily back to the waiting room, thankful for the spa's policy of encouraging customers to relax and enjoy the facilities before checking out (I never feel rushed when I visit). I had tea in the waiting room before a sauna session and a shower in the changing area, and only then did my brain come out of its haze! Nice to see that I managed to unwind totally whilst my skin was given such a check-up...

As I walk up to check out, completely pleased with my experience, I know for sure that I won't be leaving long before coming back!

Bliss Spa London
60 Sloane Avenue
London SW3
0 207 590 6146

P.S. If you can't find a Bliss near you, you can order the following products from John Lewis to create your own at-home Triple Oxygen Treatment:
Bliss Triple Oxygen Energising Cleansing Foam
- Bliss Triple Oxygen Infusing Mask
- Bliss Skin Reviving Rubberising Mask
Bliss Triple Oxygen + C Energising Cream

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon and read you soon!

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