A week with MY Food

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by MY Food to see if I'd be interested in a trial week on one of their delivery programmes... Hmmm, did I need to think about it? Not really, no. I have been having a really hectic time at work lately and frankly it's been too many business trips and client lunches and not enough Heartcore workouts or healthy salads. Thankfully, we were able to find one week when I didn't have more than two days of travelling, and I received my box from MY Food all ready to get me back on track to healthy eating.

The delivery set-up in itself is one of the greatest advantages of this programme: you get a box every three days for three days of menus, at your chosen location anywhere in the UK (no Central London only restrictions here!), so you don't have to worry about being somewhere every morning to receive your daily menu. It's perfect for me as I'm not necessarily at the same place everyday (one day at home, one day in the office, and the next one flying off to see clients).

Next, the food itself... My programme was the Raw Blitz Body menu, so when I saw the green smoothie that had been delivered for the first breakfast I admit my heart gave a little lurch, remembering some very green smoothies that I had to drink once on a juice diet that had some amazing thinning proprieties, if only because they made my gag reflex react immediately on contact. This one turned out to be an amazing surprise.

Whilst green and surely filled with lots of good-for-you ingredients, it tasted absolutely delicious, with a pure fruity flavour that I was not expecting at all, and the almond milk mixed into it added to it's smoothness and sweet taste. Please please if anyone has the recipe for this fabulous potion send it to me! It's very aptly called the "Love the Feeling" smoothie. I'd be very happy to make this my breakfast for each week-day for the rest of my life, although the breakfast for the other days (a special seed and dried fruit granola with almond milk) tasted pretty amazing as well...

Interestingly, although all the food I ate during the programme was raw, at no point did I feel cheated or hungry, it felt really lovely and the recipes were so well thought out that I didn't throw away any of it thinking it tasted rubbish. The only exception, maybe one of the salads which was a bit heavy on raw cabbage, not my cup of tea but then again it seems that this is a key component of raw food diets as I remember it was also a big feature in my Raw Fairies week a few months ago.

The boxes were really easy to take to the office as well, and looked like any other take-away food boxes so nobody felt the need to comment that I was yet again experimenting with a new kind of diet..! During the week-end, I made some fresh veg juice to go with the salads so as not to feel like I was missing out (my favourite is cucumber, apple, carrot and lemon) although I didn't feel hungry at all throughout the process.

What I also liked about MYFood is that everything is delivered in a fresh box, including the snacks and almond milk, so there is really no need to shop for any additional items, and it all stays fresh in my fridge until the day I'm meant to have each meal. By the end of one week, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated and my clothes lost that post-client lunch feel they sometimes have!

I liked this trial so much I think I might look into the other programmes to see if I like them as much as the Raw Body Blitz one, as they would really fit into my lifestyle... I'm too busy to think about cooking and this either means that I don't eat well or that I starve myself.

Check out the programmes available here: MYFood Diet Plans and see if one might fit your life!


Becky said...

I would love to try something like this!

Angela said...

I wish they would offer this service also in other countries!
I might get in contact with them and ask if they do franchising and start a new business in Switzerland hahaha.
I'm sure it would be a huge success over here as well especially if the food is as good as you describe :-) Keep us updated on the different programs please. Thanks, Angela