Back from holidays... time to fix all the sun and sea damage

Everytime I return from holiday, it's the same thing... I'm feeling reasonably rested inside but my skin, hair and nails look like they have suffered a long battle with the elements, and lost. It doesn't matter how many protection products (in fact some are so full of alcohol that they make the problem worse!) I try to pile on, as soon as we land, I'm faced with the following: dull skin in desperate need of a detox facial, dry as hay hair which could do with a bath in some moisturising products, and a mani-pedi which demands to be updated asap!

1) Hair rescue, part 1: We flew back in very late on Saturday, so as soon as Monsieur Baby was tucked in his bed, I stepped into my bathroom, and, after rinsing my hair, I splashed over some Repairing Mask by L'Occitane, combed it through, and put my hair in a bun before taking to bed: no point rinsing it off until the morning, in fact the longer I keep it in the more it soaks into my hair and repairs the dryness caused by too much sun, wind and salty water... Next morning, my hair is still looking a bit yellow, but it's definitely smoother and healthier!

2) Hair rescue, part 2: As much as I find straw-coloured hair interesting, I don't think it's a look that I can rock too well, so the next step usually includes a colour refresher. If available, I visit my colorist, however even with the best intentions on a Sunday afternoon the Jo Hansford salon is closed, so the next best thing is to use the bottle of veg colour that my colorist gives me each time I visit, and in less than 60 minutes my hair is back to a more acceptable light chocolate colour... Almost ready for back to the office!

3)  Skin revival: One of the reasons I come back with dull-ish skin is because I rarely pack my Clarisonic Plus on holiday, it's a bit bulky and between an extra pair of shoes and my face brush I still prefer shoes! I know that's a mistake but I also believe that my skin needs a little respite a couple of weeks a year. So when I'm back, it's back to the brushing, exfoliating, and a good cleansing mask, such as Pores No More by Dr Brandt... it's essential to give my pores a good cleanse before moving to a thirst-quenching mask, preferrably one with hyaluronic acid to tighten all the cells post skin exposure and make sure they retain maximum moisture.

4) Nails TLC: once my hair and skin are looking better, I usually feel strong enough to face the outside world, but it's tough to find a good manicure salon open on Sundays in London (ah to live in NYC!) so this time I visited Bliss on Sloane Avenue where my feet got buffed and polished whilst I realised how much damage two weeks virtually barefoot could do! I got my first Shellac manicure, a gel-like product that applies like a nail polish. One hour later, it's as if the two weeks of walking and cooking never happened!

So, there you have it, my secret little checklist to make sure I come back to the office looking not just bronzed and happy but also as groomed as usual, ensuring nobody sees the bedraggled mum-of-one that descended from the plane only two days before!

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Great tips! Katya