Fashion lust-have of the week

Now that the holidays are coming to an end for most of us, time to focus on the all-important topic of, not sorting out the Euro sovereign crisis (I mean if Angie and co can't do it really who am I to even pretend to get there), not finding out how to eradicate cellulite forever (though this is one I'd really love to crack!), I'm talking about something much much shallower and yet so crucial: the selection of the new season pieces to join our closets!

Come on, surely you weren't expecting something too serious, this is after all a light-hearted space dedicated to all things lovely, fabulous and superficial... So I'm starting this new series, all about fashion finds on Fridays, which hopefully you will help me build as we go along, because I'm sure to hit a dry patch of inspiration at some point.

One of the first items I scout around July-August is, strangely enough, a new coat. Why so early? Simply because I have found with the years that the good ones sell out the fastest, and so I try to do my research online and in magazines early so that by the middle of Summer I know what my heart is set out on.

One gorgeous piece I've spotted already is this double-breasted coat by Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, it just looks perfect with the shawl collar and the oblique flap pockets, and the best thing about it is that it's not too long so it will look wonderful on non-giraffes! I also love that it's made of wool-mix as this means it won't bobble or look as stiff as a 100% wool coat. 

Want more details? Find it here: Anglomania Coat at My-Wardrobe. Happy week-end everyone!


Anjomama said...

Next.. Please do a post on the working girl boots... Much needed.. Across different prices x

LittleS said...

Good idea, I will!