Lunch in Canary Wharf: The Parlour

When I moved from the City to Canary Wharf, one place I knew I'd be missing is The Anthologist, and I was hoping to find something similar in my new workplace, and thankfully there is! It's called The Parlour, and it's part of the same group, and it has the same vibe and atmosphere as my favourite City haunt.

We went there for lunch with a group of colleagues and it felt like such a breath of fresh air... no financer stuffiness here and certainly no rancid old pub smell, this is the perfect place to come for a fun drink or lunch with colleagues and friends. Outside there are dining tables, a more comfortable lounging area and even a ping-pong table for some end of the work day fun! Definitely a step above the usual pint, and so much more my cup of tea.

The menu is made of an imaginative mix of salads, sandwiches and main dishes, with the ricotta and parma ham salad a firm favourite around our table, as well as the chicken sandwich. My own ceviche of salmon didn't look or taste much of ceviche, but that was the exception more than the rule. My home made ice tea however, tasted absolutely delicious. 

The interior design is, just like at The Anthologist, modern and stylish, with apparent wall works and quirky decor details, such as the serving spoons and forks chandelier. As with The Anthologist, the only improvement I'd make to this lovely place is the service, which needs less haste and more care...

The Parlour
The Park Pavilion
40 Canada Square Park
London E14
0 845 468 0100


Anjomama said...

I work just besides this place... Lovely place I must say!

One question for you LP, do you feel awkward when taking pictures amongst your colleagues not sure I could have the nerve....ESP in places like the wharf where everyone looks stone faced...

Kudos to you!!! X

LittleS said...

Not at all, my colleagues are all supportive of my blog, some people go for tennis after work, I blog, it's a hobby everyone is happy for me to have. My outfit pics are all taken in less than 5 minutes, less than what it takes to smoke a ciggie... As to stone faced people, well let's just hope I give them a reason to smile when I pose for my outfit pics!

Mona P said...

Love all the pics, looks like a must-visit spot!