Monsieur Baby gets ready for nursery

Ask any parent, no matter how old their children are, they'll tell you time flies... of course it does when your days are a daze starting with a mad rush to the office, then back again to spend some quality time with your little one who seems to be growing too fast for words, and when you're lucky to spend a quiet week-end together, it's swimming classes followed by family brunches and outings to the park... phew, before I could say "time for nap" my very own Monsieur Baby turned twenty months and it was time for nursery!

In only a few days, he'll be going to Pippa Pop-Ins for a couple of sessions a week, and I'm hoping beyond hope that he has as wonderful a time as all my friends have told me he would... Based on the visit I've paid the  nursery and the pictures of their websites, it does seem like a truly magical place to start his schooling experience, however only time will tell if he likes it!

In the meanwhile, I'm doing what I know best to prepare for his academic debut, shopping! Thankfully, the list of items he requires for his first year in nursery is rather limited (unlike the tuition which is quite shocking for the foreigner that I am... but apparently it's how it works here if you want your child not to stay illiterate), however he still needs a little smock to prevent stains and a tiny drawstring bag to put all his essentials.

Up first, I started hunting for the little smock... Easy enough, all I had to do was click on to John Lewis' School Uniform Store where I found the perfect Blue smock as per the school's requirement (the department store stocks uniforms for a wide range of schools, both London-based and nationwide, which you can all conveniently order online).

The only confusing part is that this is sold by length, which I presume is in inches, not by age, and since I'm not sure whether this is meant to fit by the knees or the ankles I think I'll order a couple of sizes just in case (can you tell the eager Mamma trying desperately to do well?)

Next, time to find a cute drawstring bag, so it's off to notonthehighstreet.com to find some personnalised options. There are loads of choices, for girls and boys, at really good prices considering they are personalised and way nicer than what you find in the big stores.

I am particularly keen on this Gingham Bag by Angelcake Designs, it's sweet and cute enough for a little toddler, and should keep us going until Monsieur Baby wises up and starts asking for one with Thomas the Train Engine from the supermarket (eeeeek!). Until then, we've still got a few months of cuteness and adorableness, so allow me to make the best of them!

Ok... that' clearly not much done in terms of preparation but at least I'm feeling like my little munchkin will have the right kit, and isn't that half of the work done?


sam said...

Scary for Bebe but so much more scary for us Mama's when they start nursery/school! He will love it and you will worry!! Hope it is all ok x

frifri63 said...

oh, time does fly! I remember taking my baby girl to school in January (she's 3) and my heart nearly burst of anxiety. Have a fun "rentrée" and I just checked the site, I think he'll be in the best hands. So you chose Montessori? In France, it isn't very developped here. I'd love to hear what you think of this system, as time goes on. Did I say I was jealous of your VCA necklace I saw in one of your posts?? Another thing to lust after.

LittleS said...

Thanks ladies!! @frifri, yes it is based on Montessori although they still use some more classic methods. I thought for nursery we would try this and then French school for when he is older.

Mona P said...

Sandra, did he start his nursery already?

It looks like a fantastic place, let us know how he gets on.

I really hope he loves it there!

LittleS said...

Hi Mona! Yes he started on Monday and he absolutely loved it. To be honest the teachers are all adorable and really nice and it's light and airy and I feel totally at ease leaving him here a couple of times a week. Fingers crossed he continues to like it! How has your little one's back to school gone? xx