Monsieur Baby goes to the zoo in Puglia

One thing I quickly found out as a mamma is that travelling with little ones looks and sounds like travelling as a couple, but really it's a very different ball game. Of course there is the endless planning and packing and the need to follow at least some semblance of a routine (no more sitting on the beach until 4pm before strolling into a caffe for a late afternoon lunch for me!). Also it means adding some visits which I wouldn't necessarily have thought of in my pre-baby days: there is only so many days of historical visits and natural beach reserves a little toddler can live through... time for Puglia, the Monsieur Baby way!

We'd heard about the Zoo Safari Park at Fasano, just a few miles away from our local home, and were a bit concerned that it might be filled with some miserable looking animals but as soon as we got there, we were very pleasantly surprised. 

This is a park where you get to drive through the animal pens, and most of the vegetarian animals are really tame and friendly, and won't hesitate to walk up and pop their heads through your window to ask for something to nibble, just like this superb giraffe did (it was my first time petting a giraffe!) 

Monsieur Baby, at only 20 months, thoroughly enjoyed this day of fun, although his excited squeals tended to subside as soon as the animals got too close to him... he then looked a bit nervously at his father seeming to ask whether he would have to share his peach compote!

After the safari tour we got to park our car and walk through a zoo area, where we were greeted by the coolest gibbon ever, one with outstanding accrobatical skills that he only accepted to demonstrate following some really enthusiastic applause from the visitors, to everyone's hilarity. 

We then saw some wallabies and the most adorable lemurs, again totally fearless, sneaking in and out of their cage to check out the visitors. Beyond cuteness! All in, every single animal appeared perfectly happy and very well cared for, better than in any zoo I've ever been before. True the car safari section was busy, but then again it was the middle of vacation season so lots of people were to be expected! It was an amazingly fun for all the family, and I would so recommend this to anyone travelling with children.

PS: For older children there are attractions similar to those you'd expect at any other theme park, so it's easy to spend a whole day here... 

Zoo Safari Fasano
Bari Province

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