Puglia... a gourmet's paradise

As evidenced by my lack of posts these last few days, I continue to be network-challenged... Thankfully there is plenty to keep me busy here, and today's post is dedicated to all things yummy and delicious that I have been able to cook thanks to Puglia's endless supply of fresh and flavour-filled produce. Even the smallest of grocery shops has burrata, speck and courgette flowers in abundance.

One week on, it is clear that my usual restraint with food has flown through the trulli window, and I'm indulging as much in cooking as I am in eating, and drinking! I can confidently say that by the time I come back, I should look a little bit more like a beached whale. 

So far, we've cooked grilled sea bass with herbs, octopus salad (my personal favourite), courgette flower fritters, bresaola and mozzarella salad... not to mention the desserts: tiramisu, fig and almond tart, lemon biscuits. We're sticking to Italian, with the only exception being the Moroccan crepes for breakfast that my father brought from Casablanca, a little treat from our cook back home. 

Drink has been mainly local wine, but also sparkling water and yesterday's special watermelon and mint juice, a secret recipe of my little sister's... Bon appetit!


cewek said...

All that food looks delicious! And healthy too! I don't see you eating any junk food there, so I won't be truly worried about looking like a beached whale coming back from your hols! More like refreshed and energised :)

Becky said...

It all looks amazing, I love courgette flowers!

LittleS said...

@cewek I did eat more than usual... nothing that a little detox can't fix! @Becky it was yummy... Right now as I'm sitting at my desk "indulging" in a green juice and a blueberry granola from Crussh I'm regretting my cornetti a bit :)