Pugliese memories: baroque towns and trulli galore

After two lovely weeks in Puglia we're back in London and my netbook has very happily rekindled with our home wifi... I'm finally able to resume my regular posts. Again I am sorry to have been so absent, but I promise to make it up to you! After all, we all need a little holiday, right?

Ok so our holiday: if you thought my vacation in Puglia was just about gorgeous beaches, the villa's pool and gourmet food, you are only partly right... As warm as it was, we made sure to go out during the late afternoons to visit the local towns and were truly amazed by the diversity of this gorgeous region. 

From Ostuni's beautiful white-washed historical town to Lecce's ultra baroque city centre, there is so much to see it would take at least two other Summer holidays to really get to know the place. So, what are the tips I'd leave with anyone willing to visit Puglia? Make sure you carve some time out to visit trulli-central Alberobello, but beware of the hundred of little shops that are virtual tourist traps, so come for the visit, and move on. 

A gorgeous town to visit and which is much less commercially-minded is nearby Locorotondo, with its gorgeous little streets where a fresh breeze runs continuously (the town is on a hilltop). Make sure you stop by Ceglie Messapica on the way to pick up some gourmet ingredients, it is filled with delis and has a little pedestrian area where we found the most delicious gelati of our stay. 

Lecce is another must-see, its historical centre is filled with thousands of baroque buildings, transporting you directly to the 18th century in some streets! Of the bigger cities, I only saw Bari as that's where we flew in and out of, frankly quite disappointing... but the smaller towns were positively wonderful, welcoming, perfectly formed, and really enjoyable!

So there you have it, just a few snapshots out of the hundreds that I took during our beautiful holiday... I just have a few more posts on Puglia for you but from tomorrow I promise we're back on our usual schedule of outfits, fashion finds, things to do etc. Have a lovely week everyone!


bodie said...

Welcome back to Blogland! After those beautiful pics I feel as though I've been on holiday too.

LittleS said...

Thanks Bodie, I'm so sorry I couldn't post more but it was literally a nightmare to connect, with patchy coverage and very slow connections... I'm so glad you like the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos of your holiday in Puglia.Now I want to go there too!

LittleS said...

Thank you! My photographic skills are rather lame, they don't do this gorgeous region justice. You must visit!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cool pix, looks like a gorgeous region. One for the must-see list! Paula