Wednesday's steal vs. splurge

In times of recession, when disposable revenue slides down yet designers take little notice and continue to hike their prices season after season, one option is to let your fashion love get lost and channel the drab trend (always a classic, I hear), or, if you are a true recessionista, you know how to play smarter and adapt! If my thinking is right, all fashionistas should be able to, I mean aren't these the girls who smoothly went from boho skirts and woven belts to lady-like kitten heels and pencil skirts in just a few years...

In honour of all the girls who've become triftier than a Scottish auntie, checking the difference of prices between shops and tracking shipping costs of online boutiques, customising a plain cashmere tee with some lace and sequins for that designer feel, saving for one or two designer pieces from the new season and finding the rest in the high street, here is a new series: the Wednesday's steal vs. splurge posts.

For AW2012, I'm loving most of the trends, which could prove very tricky for my wallet, especially as the shapes are particularly flattering this year, in my view. Thankfully for all of us, many high street brands have become quite apt at adapting runway trends for us mere mortals, and you'll find interpretations of the Military trend pretty much everywhere, in dresses, coats and jackets.

One of my favourite is this fitted design by Victoria Beckham, but I draw a line at spending anything more than £400 on a dress, which is already a lot... Now, seeing that Mrs Beckham's designs retail for well over £1,000, here are two lookalikes from this season's high street collections...

The first one, from Mango, comes complete with buttoned epaulettes and little black pannels on the side which look like pockets, all for the grand sum of £22.90!

If you prefer a longer version, the one by Oasis, on the right, has a simpler design with just some side pannels and little shoulder detailing. I prefer this one, although it's a bit more dear than the first one, at £60 (still won't break the bank if you ask me...)

How about you, have you found some real bargains for the new season already? Let me know your steal vs. splurge finds and I might featuer them on a future post!

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Amy said...

I like the Oasis one better as well and 60pounds isn't that bad, it's within the budget =)