Wednesday's steal vs. splurge

Following from last week's military inspiration, let's take a complete U-turn and look at another key trend for AW2012: I give you, dark opulence! Or decadence or whatever it is that magazine editors have called it... basically anything that makes you think of dark atmospheres, almost gothic, but rich at the same time, think brocades and intricate laces, dark hues such as black, burgundy and oxblood, with a hint of gold maybe? Anyways I think this will be a most fun trend to play with especially for evening.

I turn once more to Burberry's excellent collection and there it is, in the Prorsum collection, the most precious lace skirt ever: this is a fashionista's dream come true, with a flattering peplum and the most opulent looking lace, and that 1940s hemline is just fabulous... sigh! Alas this little bundle of perfection comes at a price that exceeds what many people make in a month, and certainly what I'm prepared to put in a skirt... time to look for some alternatives!

In my view, the closest one out there at the moment, both in terms of shape and overall look, is by Autograph at Marks & Spencer, although the lining looks a bit light so may demand some DIY, in the form of an added thicker lining to get a more autumnal feel. But looking closely at the lace it's absolutely beautiful for £65!

Another option is this shorter version at Oasis, which also features a shorter peplum (a shape not very good for the thicker hipped like me sadly!) and will only set you off y £40.

Happy shopping everyone!


madeco said...

I love this trend ! Thanks for this alternatives : I am a Mark and Spencer's fan so, let's go ! I saw lovely items during my holidays in California too : coming soon on my blog !

LittleS said...

Thanks!! xx