Favourite hotels: Hotel de Rome Berlin

As you know, last week I popped over to Berlin for a quickie business trip, and honestly I was so impressed with the place I wish I had more time to explore and enjoy. But sadly between client commitments and flight schedules, it was not to be... instead I promised myself to come back very soon, and bring my two best men along, and guess what, I know just the place to stay... I'll be coming back to the Hotel de Rome, because frankly it is pretty amazing!

As soon as you walk up the entrance stairs, you arrive into a breathtakingly grand and retro-decorated lobby where enormous black velvet sofas invite you to sit and lounge... alas no time for lounging for me, time to go up to the room after a super swift check-in to get ready for dinner!

The room is decorated in a luxe yet muted way, with Mondrian-like lines across the room and bathroom... there is a lovely chaise longue by the window, with the coolest magazines a girl can wish for, but before I can even imagine resting for a second, I dash into the bathroom to see how much damage the day of work followed by flight has done to my face.

Thankfully, there is no harsh white light anywhere, otherwise knowing me I'd have gone to dinner feeling all depressed about my tired-looking complexion. I love the bathroom, it has a retro feel to it, not in the amenities, but in the way everything is off-white, beige and blacks, with chrome accents...

I love that there is a bath and a separate perfectly functioning shower, to me that's the sign of a good luxury hotel room (yes I know I have weird hang-ups). I touch up my make-up, smile longingly at the tub and the magazines by the chaise longue, and off to dinner I go!

Thankfully the next morning I had a little bit of time to enjoy my surroundings before my meetings, so I wandered down to the patio for a lazy breakfast whilst listening to my morning calls. The breakfast is a mix of buffet and a la carte, with an amazing muesli buffet being the highlight for me. The fruit juices were pretty amazing as well, if you ask me!

Of course people watching is about 25% of the attraction of staying in a place like this, and I found that it was pretty interesting during breakfast, where a mix of cool cats, ready-for-work financiers, and families were enjoying the cool before the stifling heat of Berlin in late August. I could definitely imagine myself coming back here with my family...

Time to check out... but I'll be back!

Hotel de Rome
Behrenstrasse 37
10117 Berlin
+49 30 460 60 90

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