It's time for the Sunday fashion confession

Right, this post should probably be called Double Confession Sunday... See the other day I peered into my lingerie drawer and to be honest some of what I saw looked not a little, but a lot worse for wear. Time for some unmentionables shopping!

I love shopping for lingerie with the new season, as it means I get to match my new undies to my clothes: this season I'm craving pearl greys, forest green, rich blues and of course any berry colour, and, the most flattering undie colour ever, blush! One of my favourite brands to go to for little nothings is Stella McCartney, it's gorgeous, delicate and not vulgar, and the names are so funny and quirky I feel a little naughty just wearing the sets!

This week's little splurge has such an inspiring design, with the lace and scalopping, nobody needs to know I'm wearing this but it will make me feel so soft and feminine... and hopping? :)

Find it here: Elodie Hopping set by Stella McCartney


Becky said...

I love Stella McCartney underwear. I have the days of the week set in the little drawers and just seeing it in my wardrobe makes me smile!

Mona P said...

Beautiful set, very feminine and delicate!

I was walking past Bond Street today and there was the recently opened Victoria's Secret store. Must check it out soon, still can't believe they finally made it across here!

LittleS said...

About time as well! I must go and check it out... some of their sets I find a bit tacky but some are pretty nice usually.