It's time for the Sunday fashion confession

I don't know what's up with me, but recently I've been obsessed with edgy style... It's as if this new season I want to look fiercer, or maybe I like the connotations of wearing black, studded outfits with sky-high heels (yes like most women out there I've read it!). Who knows, I may look back on this in ten years and wonder what the hell got in me, but I'm keen to experiment more this year, so bear with me and look at this week's fashion confession with an open mind please... because who knows, you might love it too!

I think Mango's AW 2012 collection is fabulous, from the military cape to the gorgeous suede jacket which comes in so many colours, the Spanish house has definitely picked up its game from recent years.

This dress caught my eye because yes, it is studded, but the cut is demure and classic, and the fabric is matt, not shiny and clingy. Also, on my frame this will come to the knee which is a nice way to balance out the edginess of the studs (we want cool, Roitfeld-channelling, not lady about to start her shift on Earl's Court Road). All these attributes make this dress perfect for work, it's a buy for me!

I think I might just have to pair this with some super high pumps and a little boucle jacket, and voila, done!

Here's the link on the brand's e-shop: Stud-embellished dress at Mango.

Have a great week everyone, here's to one where I have time to post more!

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