It's time for the Sunday fashion confession

Before anyone asks... here is the post where I 'fess up to (part of) my shopping in Saint-Tropez. Here's the quick story for this one: I've been searching for a purple clutch for years but could never found something that I really fell in love with, until I was at Dior's flagship boutique in Saint-Tropez a few weeks ago and saw exactly what I wanted on the desk by the shawls... I started toying with it until, to my utter embarrassment, my sales assistant took it away saying it was another customer's!!! Imagine me.... mortificada!

After a few minutes of sheer blushing at my indelicatesse I quickly recovered my spirits and asked if they had one for me. Sadly non, said the lady, but she could order one for me on time for the wedding for which I wanted to wear it for the first time!

Here is my new baby, all mine: Dior Panarea medium flat clutch, in my perfect shade of purple. I love it, obviously.

Find out more at: www.dior.com... ok friends off to bed, it's been a looong day here and getting back to rainy London took us forever, I'm beat! xx


Pam said...

OMG Love love love it! Purple is my favorite color--now I can't wait to see what you wore to the wedding!

Sweet dreams!

LittleS said...

Thank you Pam, I will post my wedding outfits in the coming days, I promise! I agree with you purple is such a good colour, it goes with so many other colours and it still pops. xxx

Jordan said...

Gorgeous! I love the stitching!

Mona P said...

Sandra, that is a gorgeous purple! Love it!

LittleS said...

Thanks ladies, I love it, and being waxed canvas (like the monogram LV and Goyard bags) it's much less fragile than one in leather, perfect for parties where there are drinks around etc.