It's time for the Sunday fashion confession

Ever since my first introduction to Milli Millu (you can read my blog post about the brand here), I've been obsessing about the unique designs, cool lines and ever-so practical inside, the only question was, which style did I prefer? It was truly a case of so many choices, so little time... Then I saw this baby online, and it was love at first sight, really.

It's called the Hong Kong, a place that's only ever been a stop-over airport on business trips, but that I'm dying to visit for good one of these days... so it must have been a sign right? Plus it's dark green soft calf mixed with the blackest calf hair and the gold hardware make this such a wonderful AW bag, I had to put my little greedy paws on it.

Now, I just had to sort out one tiny issue: my handbag wardrobe is currently functioning at capacity, which means there is no more space for new babies to joint it... but recently I've been totally appalled by the flurry of Birkin knock-offs I'm seeing everywhere, especially in the commonest colours, such as black; it takes away some of the preciousness of the model for me. You guessed it, I let my black Birkin go to a new home recently, I'm keeping only the special colours going forward.

That little item of business sorted, I cleared my work schedule one late afternoon and visited founder Mireia at her Belgravia studio, and even though I toyed with some of the other pieces (the Zurich came out a bit big on my frame, the Geneva didn't appeal to me as much as this little baby), I knew that first impressions don't lie... Hong Kong all the way baby!

Like it? Here is a link: The Hong Kong, by Milli Millu... It will be my perfect work to evening handbag for the next season, and maybe seasons to come! Now here's to hoping I can wear it as elegantly as the model in the pictures.

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Elle from Elle's Picture Book said...

I heard about this brand 3-4 months back, the founder is so stylish!

I must say I am loving your new Roger V's!! gorgeous, Elle

LittleS said...

Thanks Elle, I love Milli Millu. And today I'm taking my Hong Kong out in the rain and it's just perfection!

Tabitha said...

I love this bag, it has such an art deco feel to it.

bodie said...

You're really loving that dark green at the moment,and I can see why this one captured your heart!

LittleS said...

@bodie, you're right, I'm obsessed with dark green! But this is such a beauty, love the lines as well... the colour is just the added bonus :)
@tabitha, thanks!