It's time for the Sunday fashion confession

Ok ladies I've been hiding a little secret: last week-end we flew down for a week-end with Hubby Dearest's godfather and his family in Ramatuelle, just near Saint-Tropez. Although we mainly spent time at the house catching up with our cousins etc, I still found some time to sneak over to the shops in Saint-Tropez... he he!

Whenever I visit, I try to keep it to the local brands, so I spent some time at Dior (ooops, I may have picked up something there as well, you know, it's difficult to resist such a grand and beautiful store) and visited the K.Jacques boutique to order some custom-made sandals... I know I'm past buying Summer items now, but a pair of K.Jacques is a classic and I really wanted to order these special order ones to be ready for my next visit to the Riviera, two weeks from now.

Sadly for me, 15 years of ballet practice when I was a child have totally destroyed my feet so the traditional Tropezienne is out of the question, however these Buffon are perfect for me, and I'm thinking the metallic blue lizard skin I chose will be amazing for beachwear next year.

I can't wait to go and get them when they are ready! And you know what, even if you're not going to Saint-Tropez it's fine, you can order online at K.Jacques.


Pam said...

I hope you don't have foot pain from your years of ballet practice. Thank you for sharing your love of beautiful shoes. I am self-conscious about bunions etc that I've acquired over the years, but your love of beautiful footwear is helping me to move on.

LittleS said...

Pam I used to be quite self-conscious as well, and sometimes there are some people who post comments on this page which are quite insulting as to how my feet look, but you know what I don't care, I love shoes so much and I enjoy wearing gorgeous ones, nothing will stop me! xxx