Monsieur Baby visits London Zoo

Ok, here is a tiny confession: I think my little baba prefers his daddy, he spends lots more time with him than with me after all, so it's only fair... but, there is one little piece of consolation in my slightly green heart, he adores animals, just like his mamma! And that tells me that, once he grows a little bit and becomes a little boy ready for adventures, he and I are going to indulge in our passion for furry and feathery friends, I can't wait to take him on his first safari! In the meanwhile though, we went somewhat closer, to The London Zoo, and we absolutely loved it...

Unlike most zoos I've visited in my life, here the animals look really comfortable and happy, and they seem quite content to be approached by visitors. Monsieur Baby particularly enjoyed catching up with the penguins (there is even a petting session that you can book with the little guys, for 3-year olds and up, guess that's on my list of birthday gifts for my little munchkin!)

He got uber excited looking at the meerkats and gorillas, but what excited him the most were the tigers, I think he took them to be big cats like Mr Fatpuss and Mr Sourpuss, our in-house lazy kitties who will let him get away with murder. Note to self: need to explain the differences between domestic cats and big cats before any tickets are booked to Africa. 

The zoo is absolutely fantastic, you can enjoy wandering about, there is a merry-go-round and even a face painter, and the restaurant is very well stocked up for families with fussy eaters. An absolutely fabulous day out en famille if you're visiting London!

London Zoo
Regent's Park
London NW1
0 207 722 3333


Pam said...

Boys always love their mammas; don't worry. My "little baba" is now 23, so I have some experience with this. :)

LittleS said...

Thanks Pam, I am starting to feel he will always prefer his daddy,...

Pam said...

It's terrific that he has such an involved daddy that he's so close to; that makes him a very lucky boy...and you a lucky lady. Try to focus on the positives. Still, I know what you mean, and I empathize.