My masterclass at the Chanel Covent Garden pop-up store

I have to admit, between making time for Monsieur Baby, work, blogging, etc, finding time to change my make-up routine hasn't been very high on the priority list. In fact, I don't think it was on the list... Alas, I have to admit that what used to work on my features ten years ago just doesn't do it anymore, and instead of trying to find an easy fix, I decided to call in the professionals! I decided to take a make-up masterclass at the new Chanel Pop-Up Store in Covent Garden.

For £25 redeemable against purchases, I was booked in for a 45 minutes teach-in on how to bring my make-up routine back from the past, thanks to the advice of the lovely Amy, a make-up artist who has been with Chanel for years and shared some tips with me in a friendly girly manner. She even took some pictures of me as we went along to make sure I remembered the steps, but of course I had to forget my camera today, so you're going to have to make do with some blurry pics...

As I admire the walls of make-up and nail polishes, we discuss my skin and routine, and I explain that I want an update but also a teach-in on how to create easy smouldering eyes for night time. She looks at my skin, which is declared dehydrated (must drink more..!), then disappears for a couple of seconds and comes back with some products. We're ready to start!

As we begin, I take my Blanc Essentiel whitening base from my handbag and the best surprise ever is that Amy proceeds to tell me that it is now sold in the UK at some selected stores! I used to only be able to get this from Asian duty free... Amy convinces me to try a foundation that is very close in texture to this base, and as soon as she's blended it in, I could see how this was a going to be a must-have for those mornings when beauty sleep is missing.

Once my base is set with a translucent powder, it's time to work on the eyes. I'm shown how it's essential to prepare the eyelids with a special base and powder, before adding a peachy shadow to add volume to my eyes; the moment it's on, I can see I've learned a lot in the last few minutes, my eyes look wider and frankly, awake... Gone are the signs of the lack of sleep and extra hours worrying if the markets are going to improve or if Monsieur Baby should go to French school or English school.

Soon enough Amy is working on sculpting my eye look, with a dark plum shadow that is first applied in a loose curve above my moving eyelid, before being blended in by a thick brush... How I wish I had her touch! She finishes it all off by adding a line of iridescent plum eyeliner pencil and blending it in, before some super black mascara to make my eyes really pop. Hello evening look!

Amy sends me home with a full list of the products she has used on my face, before making a little bag of goodies that I've selected to purchase: the whitening base in Lilas (I usually go for Mimosa but this one adds more light to my face), the foundation, a plum eyeliner pencil, and of course the latest limited edition nail varnish from the new collection, a very soft shimmering black called Vertigo...

What I've loved about this experience? Learning about new products, but also how to apply them, as Amy made a point of explaining the function of each cream, applicator and powder... If you have time it's truly worthwhile, and if you can't visit, no problem! Here is a link to some fabulous Chanel online tutorials.

Chanel Pop-Up Beauty Boutique
Covent Garden Piazza
London WC2
0 207 240 2001

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