Wednesday's steal vs. splurge

I know, I'm late... let me explain: yesterday I went to Portugal for a day trip filled with business meetings, and when I got home around 11pm, I just couldn't find it in me to write this post. But hopefully you will forgive me when I tell you what today's steal vs. splurge is about.

As you may know today is Vogue's Fashion Night Out in London, and although I don't have any spare time on my hands to attend any event today (work commitments always take precedence, a girl has to feed her shoe addiction!), today's steal vs. splurge post is dedicated to the Queen of Fashion herself, Anna Wintour.

You will certainly have noticed that she is most often photographed sporting two signature items: a huge pair of sunglasses (probably to hide her dismay whenever she sees some disastrous creation come down the catwalk) and a set of one, two or sometimes three rivière necklaces in shimmering tones.

I'm not sure where La Wintour gets hers from, but I've heard some are from haute jewellery house H.Stern, whilst some are vintage pieces from the 19th century. I can only imagine they cost a little fortune...

Fortunately for us, there are a number of inspired and gorgeous options in the high street this season, in many colours which you can pick and mix to achieve a similar look (comes without the Prada clothes or the furs though!)

I've picked my three favourites, from left to right: the clear crystal round rivière in a retro setting, from J.Crew cost just under £71, if you prefer grey then the one by Monet et Debenhams is the one for you, for just £23.50. My personal favourite is the one on the right, by Banana Republic, at only £29.50 you could easily buy all three colours it comes in!

Voilà, my dear recessionista friends, my Vogue themed steal vs. splurge post. Enjoy your night out!

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