Wednesday's steal vs. splurge

Capes... they are everywhere this season... From the structured cuts at Valentino to the long goth cloaks at Gucci, or the embellished versions at Dolce & Gabbana, there is a cape for everyone in the AW 2012 collections, and you would never guess who was rocking the trend way before the season even started? HM the Queen of course! At her Jubilee concert, wearing the most fabulous black cape over her gold dress, she was looking quite glam I must say.

Interestingly, most capes that were sent down the catwalks were black, with little to no colour but lots of texture: bouclĂ©, leather trim, gold embroidery, lace overlay, velvet panels... it's all about glamour and gothic. Whilst I think this is a great alternative to a sleeved coat, I will be threading quite carefully with capes this season. So I will be giving a pass to long cloaks as I don't want to look like an extra from the Twilight movies (ok, I might make an exception for October 30th), similarly I think embellishment is best kept for evening, and I'd rather go for the structured cape look than the slouchy poncho.

A structured cape can be matched with a dress and high heels or some waxed skinny jeans and booties, making it a very versatile piece. And of course, I'll be looking at some of the high street steals to try and minimise the impact on my pocket book.

There are some fantastic options out there, as pretty much every brand out there is doing capes for this Autumn: my favourite is this light wool one by Mango (in the centre), with little epaulettes making it interesting and costing just £89.99... If you prefer bouclĂ© to wool drape, then the one on the left, by Forever 21, is a real bargain at £32.75 (on the left)... or if you feel like a little investment piece, this gorgeous one from 2nd Day has amazing detail with the leather trimming, and costs £249.17.

So, will you be rocking the cape trend this season and have you found yours yet?


Lonely Greenshoe said...

Oh S. this post is so for me!! I've been looking for months for a cape...I'm going to Mango in a couple of hours!


LittleS said...

Yes, a cape is the perfect coat for a baby bump, enjoy Mango :) xxx

Tabitha said...

I have a navy one from two years ago, It's perfect for fat days, hides a multitude of ye olde sins.

LittleS said...

@Tabitha you're right, a cape is very forgiving ;) btw I just had a look at your lovely blog, a new one for me to read regularly it appears, it's lovely!

Pam said...

Oh, my goodness...are you telling me I could actually be in style??? My mother made a black wool cape for me when I was in college. Whether I'll actually wear it in a fashionable way is debatable, but I have only to go to the furthest reaches of my closet to find mine! LOL

LittleS said...

@Pam, you're right... sometimes there is, at the bottom of the wardrobe, exactly what is needed to be bang on trend!