An afternoon at the Dolphin Square Spa

Last Sunday, as London was drenched in drizzly rain and the first signs of a cold and miserable Winter were showing themselves, I decided to travel to Morocco with one of my best friends for an afternoon at the hammam... Err... sorry I mean we went to the Moroccan-styled Spa at Dolphin Square.

Based in the centre of Pimlico, this place couldn't transport you further away from London if it wanted... It's all about low-lit lamps, red and orange silk cushions, woolen woven rugs, tall wooden doors; in fact the Moroccan in me felt immediately at home from the moment I got to reception. Following a grueling week filled with business meetings and travel, this was the perfect resting ground for my exhausted body. This is the only place in London that offers a luxury hammam experience like the ones I'm used to getting back home, so I was very excited to come and try it out!

Besides from the gorgeous surroundings, I was delighted with the timing of our appointment: a 5:30pm slot which meant I was able to spend most of the afternoon with Monsieur Baby beforehand, and that I didn't have to go on with my day with the slightly shiny skin and greasy hair that comes with the aftermath of a spa visit! Most London spas will offer you a last Sunday appointment around 3:00pm so this is a big plus...

We were quickly shown to the luxurious changing rooms where we donned some pretty fluffy bathrobes, before being taken by our Tellaks (that's the ladies who help you with your hammam experience) to the hammam room. Turns out, it was so cold outside that the thermostat of the room was not functioning properly, and the room was feeling much cooler than a normal hammam. Instead of bearing in silence, I asked to move to the salt infused steam room, which was much warmer and perfect for a hammam: the whole point of going to the hammam is for the steam to soften your dead cells so the exfoliation process is as thourough as possible. If there is not hot steam, there is, quite simply, no exfoliation...

Thankfully, once that little detail was sorted, I got rid of all my dull skin from Summer and in came the Rhassoul clay mask, applied from head to toe to purify my skin and leave it glowing. We were left to stay in the steam room for 15 minutes, and I swear I could feel my tired limbs relax as I was breathing in the hot and humid air. Heaven!

Once we rinsed all the clay off, it was time to move to the tepidarium a room with curved heated marble beds, where we continued our girlie chat and had mint tea with dried fruits and nuts. I could almost hear the sounds from the Marrakech medina outside this felt so homey!

Massage time was just as enjoyable, and my therapist, who was quite tiny, did take my ask of a deep and strong massage to the letter, working on all the knots in my back and legs until I felt much much softer. The therapy rooms are comfortable and luxurious, and the massage beds are comfortable and wide enough to allow to move around for a proper treatment. I even had a little facial (part of the hammam experience) which left my face glowing and oh-so-soft!

The Spa at Dolphin Square
Chichester Street
London  SW1
0 207 798 6767


Stephanie said...

oh, Sandra. This sounds like the perfect late Sunday afternoon! I'm glad you could distress after your crazy week! Makes me want to have some Spa time too :-)


LittleS said...

Thanks darling, it's important to treat yourself to a little spa time once every few weeks, it's soooo relaxing!

hind said...

I am obsessed by massages and try to indulge as often as I can (too little to my taste, too often to Hubby's :)
Anyway, lately I have been kind of disappointed by my usual massage spot since my beloved therapist resigned so I will definitely give this one a try - for a brilliant massage and a flavour from back home (although I haven't been to hammam back home since...the 80s and I am told they have changed loads)
Bisous bisous

LittleS said...

@hind, the massage was truly wonderful... for the scrub though, it's not exactly like the one we're used to at home, it's a bit lighter let's say :) xxx