It's time for the Sunday fashion confession

Every Winter, I go hunting for the perfect leggings, that easy to wear with anything piece of clothing that for a long time was forbidden and has thankfully been in fashion again for the past five years... I mean what are we expected to wear on a long-haul flight? Or on a rainy Sunday morning run to the news agent? And that Friday morning back at the office following a week of grueling business trips?

Before this little miracle came back in fashion, it would have been a mix of velvet track pants (yuuuk!) or maybe some dodgy hide-everything sack (I mean dress!) A legging is literally the solution to so many fashion troubles that it's no wonder they now come in so many shapes and forms.

For me, two things make or break a legging: 1) the hold factor (if you are a giraffe with slim legs that go on forever you can probably do with very little hold, sadly my giraffe legs are still stuck in the mail, I hear) and 2) the little details. See you can have a good black legging for everyday, but if it comes with interesting trims or some zips it's more fun isn't it?

This is why I fell for these leather-trimmed leggings by DKNY, I love that they can be dressed down with some biker boots and a cashmere jumper or up for office-wear with a pair of sky-high heels and a silk blouse, black of course! And guess what, they are a good length for my legs so no need to alter them! I'm very much looking forward to wearing them... watch this space!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

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frifri63 said...

great minds think alike, ha!
I was just looking at some J brand leggings/jeans style to brave this wintry weather over here...brrr it's 6 degrees this morning, yesterday, 20!!