It's time for the Sunday fashion confession

By now, it should be quite clear to anyone reading this blog that my style is not about the "It" pieces of the season or mix-and-matching radically different styles in a quirky way... no, I'm what you could call a vanilla type of girl, one who would rather go for clean and classic lines than mix clashing prints. That in itself should give you an insight into the way I shop: it's been a very long time since I got swayed by a piece that everyone is lusting after, instead I get little obsessions in my head, usually inspired by a silhouette in a magazine or a movie, and off I go, researching through shops and the web until I find the perfect interpretation.

So, about a month ago, I started thinking I wanted a new velvet blazer, one with a rounded hem and a notched collar, in a deep navy hue. I've been looking at a few options and discarded the sharp hems, the ruched sleeves, and the silk panels, and this is the one that I've settled on, at Mango:

See how the little pockets are angled just at the waist? Perfect slimming little helper if you ask me... I'll be wearing this with dresses at work, jeans for a dinner out and who knows, I might come back for the matching trousers for a full 1970s look... Yum!

Here is the link by the way! Velvet Blazer at Mango


bodie said...

Oh my goodness, I love that blazer; I would love one, but they don't ship to Australia! Looks like they post to every other country but us-shame.
Black is not my colour, so I'm always on the lookout for navy alternatives.

LittleS said...

Oh no.... don't they have a shop in Oz? If you really love it and it's impossible to find near you let me know, maybe I can be your shopping buddy :)

bodie said...

Thats a very kind offer! I did some checking and found(to my surprise- I had no idea) they have a store in Melbourne.I guess its a franchise; I'll contact them and see if they might stock it for our next winter.
I'll look for the shop next time I'm in Melbourne.

Milena said...

I saw this today and reminded me of this post :) http://www.brandalley.co.uk/FSRayon/Id-16752-Produit-0-Size-593-Rayon-835751

I recently started reading your blog and i LOVE it!

LittleS said...

@bodie, I knew you'd find something close to home! xx
@Milena, soooo pretty! Thanks for the find!