Keeping my skin peachy smooth this Autumn... with a little help from The Body Shop

I know it's Autumn and my skin is keen to start looking all flake-y and sad under all the layers of clothing that I'm hiding it under, but this year I think we've got a solution to stay oh so soft. We all know the drill: if you don't want your tanned limbs to turn into alligator skin not even good enough for making handbags, you have to scrub, exfoliate and moisturise...

But factor in a 12 hour work-day, followed with an hour of intense mamma time (hey if I can't spend all day with Monsieur Baby I might as well make the best of bathtime and bedtime when I'm here), editing some pictures to find the one where looking somewhat acceptable to post on the blog,... well by the time all of this is done a quick shower is often all I feel like.

Until, that is, I walked by The Body Shop's branch near my office this week and smelled something which reminded me at once of peach iced tea, vineyards in Provence and the creamiest peachy yoghurt... I quickly forgot about my salad pick-up mission, backtracked on my YSL heels and entered the shop to discover their newest and coolest product range launch: it's all about peaches bien sur!

As a young teen, I used to be obsessed with their Fuzzy Peach shower gel but to be honest any other body product allegedly peach-scented I've tried since has reminded me of air fresheners and washing up liquid... so imagine my excitement as I bagged the whole range!

The shower gel is like a little peach exploding in my shower room, leaving me squeaky clean and smelling amazing, all natural peach, nothing artificial here. Then I've been alternating between the body lotion and the heavier moisturizer that is the body butter, which leave my skin smelling unbelievably yummy, plumped, and oh-so-soft. In fact, the whole scent and feel are so intoxicating, I've been using a lot more of these products than I do with my regular body products. Result!

Find the whole Vineyard Peach range by The Body Shop here: New Vineyard Peach Collection by The Body Shop.


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I will check this out! thanks for sharing x

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