Monday: Travel outfit and Globetrotter suitcase

Once every couple of weeks instead of flying at the crack of dawn, I go to work in my London office first, then, after 11-12 hours at my desk, I take an evening flight out to go and see clients the next day... Before anyone comments on how glamourous this all sounds, let's just think about how we all feel at the end of a long day at work. In my case, it's a mix of midrif bloating (all that sitting down on a chair and stressing out over finishing everything before leaving for a trip), drained energy levels and the dread over spending the latter part of my day in an airport terminal waiting for a possibly delayed flight. Of course, that latter bit is substantially diminished if said terminal is luxury shopping filled Heathrow T3 rather than London City...

So on Monday morning, as I was thinking about a long day followed by a grueling evening trip, I wanted to go for the most comfortable outfit possible, and, since wearing my comfortable PJs was not an option (imagine the MDs' reactions!), this is what I came up with a combination of leggings (yes, for work...), the tiniest possible heels, a super soft and comfy top, all topped up with a fabulous jacket to hide all sins!

This is the first time wearing this gorgeous elderberry peplum jacket, one of my AW 2012 investment buys. It is the ideal almost-winter jacket to be honest, and it kept me warm on my trip from London to Paris, then on to Duesseldorf and Frankfurt, and back home again... And of course it gathered loads of compliments along the way, now there's a better way to keep a girl going than munching on airport lounge chocolates don't you think?

The other key part of this outfit is the super comfy pull-on leggings I bought last week, they are special enough with their leather trim, and yet are incredibly comfortable as they don't have buttons or a zip... And they look like normal cigarette trousers, so are fine for the office, yoohoo!

And of course, it's always better to travel with smaller heels... I tend to feel horribly sorry for women I see trotting with 5-inchers in airports, it just seems like that extra bit of torture I couldn't inflict on myself. And before you say small heels are boring, look at these I found recently: with their little metallic gold detail and pointy toe, don't they look darling?

Here are the details of Monday's outfit and accessories:
- Leather-trimmed leggings, DKNY
- Wool peplum top, ASOS
- Belt, Jigsaw
- Jacket, Burberry at Net-A-Porter
- Handbag, Loewe Amazona at Matches
- Kitten heel stilettos, Mae
- Suitcase, Globe-Trotter

Cheer up! It's almost the week-end!


Elle from Elle's Parisian Chic Blog... said...

You look amazing, this colour looks so good on you.

Im also a fan of Burberry coats/jackets. I only just found out they make wool warmers for the trench coats that clip in for extra warmth!

Love the case too.

1st class taste as always Elle x

bodie said...

Lovely to see you in those smaller heels- I'd hate to hear of you having a fall in your usual "sky highs"!
The jacket-well enough said, stunning!

sam@violetandroselondon.com said...

OMG you are SO bad for my wallet - just popped the leggings in my basket at My Wardrobe!!! Will need more tips for all this commuting im about to start - Riyadh to LHR 2-3 times per month! x

Lonely Greenshoe said...

The jacket is beautiful!


madeco said...

I love this jacket ! I went to Heathrow T3 this summer to flight to Los Angeles... It's amazing ! Alas I had only 1 hour to check again ! XX

Tabitha said...

Your globe trotter looks os new and shiny, mine are well worn now and battered about, I love how I'll be carting them around for another 30 years.

LittleS said...

Thanks ladies! @Tabitha, you're right, my carry-on is less than a year old, but it's already showing some signs of wear if you look close... for now though it still passes as new!