Monsieur Baby spends the morning at Kew Gardens

Every Sunday, it's the same story in the LittleS household... Monsieur Baby wakes up full of energy, and his little tyrannic finger points out of the window, ordering us to take him for his morning outing! It doesn't matter if the weather has turned to pretty chilly lately, or if Hubby Dearest and I would rather just have a little lie-in. In the little kingdom of my mini-munchkin, that is not an option considered by his constitution!

This week was no different, Monsieur Baby wanted to go out to let off steam, and as soon as we had our family breakfast around our kitchen table, he sped over to his buggy demanding to go.

Instead of our usual local outing at the Hurlingham, we went out to Kew Gardens. Interestingly I think most people like visiting botanical gardens in the Spring or Summer, but I personally prefer going in the Autumn, when the colours are breathtaking and the visitors far less numerous...

We had fun roaming the grounds, playing with the fallen leaves and chasing squirrels, and walked around the hot houses where Monsieur Baby had an amazing time running in the alleys!

The air felt extremely cold but all three of us were well bundled up, thankfully! In fact, Hubby Dearest did comment that Monsieur Baby looked like a little Inuit! Well, maybe the little king of the Inuits then, as he kept ordering us around which way he wanted to go to, chasing geese, hiding under trees, and eventually telling us he had had enough and it was time to go home for his lunch!

Here are some details:
Kew Gardens
Royal Botanic Gardens
Richmond, TW9 3AB


Elle's Parisian Chic Blog... said...

Lovely pics! I have never been to Kew but hope to one day, thanks for sharing , Elle .

Charlotte said...

Monsieur Baby looks delightful. I love that he is able to keep his white scarf & hat so pristine. My little 24m old leaves grubby paw prints on light clothes almost as soon as she has them on ;)

LittleS said...

@Elle, try to squeeze it in next time you're in London, it's really beautiful.
@Charlotte, yes strangely enough although he's a little energy ball he never seems to get too dirty... I hope this is a habit that sticks!